Preschool (3 – 4 years)

Our ratio for this classroom is 1 teacher to 9 children. Most children who move on to this classroom are either potty trained and wearing underwear full time or are comfortable with using the toilet and may wear a pull up. In this classroom, there is a full set schedule for AM/PM snacks, lunch, AM/PM outside times, music and movement, morning meeting, activity time and bathroom breaks.

Our focus on developmental goals for this classroom revolve around physical health and motor development where children begin to use the toilet independently, wash hands with some reminders, takes care of belongings and classroom materials, use scissors with a purpose and becomes comfortable when holding a pencil, literacy where children begin to recognize some uppercase letters and letters in their name. As the children get ready to move on to Pre-Kindergarten they begin to gain persistence by investing time within an activity, transitioning independently with few reminders, recognize most uppercase letters as well as letters in their name, engage in meaningful, purposeful play.