Pre-Kindergarten (4 – 5 years)

Our ratio for this classroom is 1 teacher to 10 children. In this classroom, the children are in the full swing of a set schedule, however, like in all rooms, there is flexibility within the schedule to ensure each child’s needs are still being met, as we use responsive care. This schedule consists of AM/PM snack, writing time, activity time, morning meeting, music and movement, learning activities & group time, and quiet time (children are allowed to rest on their cots for 45 minutes, if still awake they are allowed to look at books then do quiet activities on their cot- families are able to bring in a rest bag for their child to use during this time.) Children are allowed to use the bathroom as needed and during specific bathroom break times.

Our focus on developmental goals for this classroom revolve around social and emotional development where children begin to show respect for each other and themselves, make independent choices, and come up with alternative solutions when solving problems, physical health and motor development where children begin to independently use the bathroom, dress and undress themselves for outdoor play, water play, and if he/she spills or has an accident, literacy and language development where children become familiar with upper and lower case letters, writing their first and last name, taking turns during a conversation and becoming familiar with sight words. As the children get ready to move on to Kindergarten, the teacher and families work together to make the transition smooth for all involved.